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[S3E4] Sporting Goods Store Antique Store

Nathan places an ad for a pet store on a huge gravestone (ostensibly for his pet fly) in a pet cemetery. A maid service speeds up its service by having 40 workers clean a house at once. Nathan attempts to improve his personality with the help of a focus group.

[S3E4] Sporting Goods Store Antique Store

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Nathan lets minors pre-order alcohol from a liquor store so they can pick it up once they reach legal drinking age. Nathan re-brands a pest control business as the "Hotel Excellence Awards" so they can perform their job discreetly. Nathan places chickens in a tree overhanging a street near a car wash, so it can advertise a "Bird Droppings Special".

Oh, to have an emotionally manipulative mall Santa on dial I can use whenever I want to traumatize kids out of their dreams of being an astronaut and into a soccer player for the small chance he\u2019ll go pro and the sponsorship deal he has with a local sporting goods store he signed as a child will pay off greatly.

Melinda Gordon is the owner of antique store Same As It Never Was, who has the unique ability to talk to the deceased. She is the daughter of Beth Gordon and the now-deceased Paul Eastman. She was married to Jim Clancy until his death; they had a son, Aiden Lucas. She later married Sam Lucas.

Melinda and Jim moved to the small town of Grandview where Melinda opens a small antique shop called "The Same As It Never Was" Antiques. There, she meets and becomes friends with Andrea Marino, who came to share management responsibilities of the store with Melinda. Eventually, Melinda gained enough trust in Andrea to tell her about her ability.

In "The Crossing", Melinda catches Dylan with another boy named Kenny playing on the railroad tracks and tells them to get off, only to find out that Kenny is a spirit. When Andrea asks how Dylan could see him, Melinda says that almost all children can see spirits, stating "Where do you think imaginary friends come from?". Melinda also has to deal with Jim's mother, Faith, visiting her and Jim for a few days. Riddled with her ghost problem, Melinda is forced to cancel dinner with Faith. Melinda finds out that Kenny, the boy ghost, died in a train accident, and she goes to see his parents, fresh out of court after trying a case against the person who sold them the car that was a tool in Kenny's death. She tells them of her gift, and the father acts negatively, whereas the mother is curious. Not wanting to talk to her son, Candace leaves Melinda, and Melinda leaves her address for the store. Later, the father, Hank, visits Melinda and tells her to stay away, calling her a fraud, and Andrea backs Melinda up when she needs her to. After being a bit off with Faith, Faith suspects she is pregnant. Melinda helps stop Hank from killing the man who sold them the faulty car with Kenny's help, and later she crosses Kenny over. Melinda also has to tell Faith that she isn't pregnant, and that she just had to deal with a mother who lost her son, to which Faith could relate.

In "Homecoming", Melinda deals with a spirit named Jason who found out he was adopted on the day he died. Melinda doesn't want Andrea's brother, Mitch, to come over for drinks at hers because she hasn't finished tidying the house and he is a millionaire. Andrea, however, changes Melinda's mind and she finally agrees to it. Melinda gets visits from Jason who is very angry. Melinda and Jim host Andrea and Mitch, where Melinda and Andrea frequently say the same thing at the same time. Melinda finds out that the reason Jason was earthbound was because of his adoptive mother's refusal to tell Jason who his birth mother was. Later, Melinda goes to see Diane, the adoptive mother, and tells her about her gift, but Diane doesn't believe her, until that night when Jason visits Diane and puts the radio on. Melinda sees Diane the next day and she gives Melinda Jason's birth mother's address. Melinda goes to the city to find her, and she does, telling Fran that she can see ghosts and the son she gave away eighteen years ago is dead. Fran doesn't believe Melinda either, but Sybil, Fran's daughter, overhears and believes her. Sybil visits Melinda and Melinda helps her communicate with her dead half-brother. Fran comes to pick Sybil up, and Melinda urges Jason to say something to Fran, but Sybil misheard and thought Melinda was urging her on and tells Fran she is pregnant. The next day, Melinda takes Fran to see Diane. Fran leaves, but later seeks Melinda's help at her store when she has a change of heart. Melinda helps Fran and Sybil get closure, before going to see Diane and give her closure, crossing Jason over in the process.

In "Hope and Mercy", Melinda gets a call from the hospital telling her that her husband was in an accident, and Melinda rushes straight to the Hospital. After being told her husband is okay, Melinda sees a ghost named Hope whose husband had dialed 911 when he saw the ambulance Jim was in a tip over. After being pestered by a ghost named Hope, Melinda agrees to help her. The next day, Melinda goes to Same As It Never Was and talks with Andrea, telling her the watch she bought was fake. When Melinda goes to the Hospital to collect Jim, she finds him gone but finds out he had gone to Cat Scan, Melinda sees Hope and talks with her, Melinda sees a lot of spirits in the hospital, and finally takes Jim out of the hospital, much to Melinda's relief. She tells him she is glad it's not him she is helping cross over. At the store, the man who sold Andrea the fake watch comes back, and even though Andrea wants to do it, Melinda goes and gives him a piece of her mind, but fails in getting the money back. Melinda talks with the doctors who operated on Hope, one of them a very old man named Dr. Devine, and the other a young man who tells Melinda that it's Dr. Devine's fault she died. Melinda tells Brad, Hope's husband, that it wasn't his fault as he kept blaming himself for his wife's death. Melinda helps Brad gain closure, allowing Hope to cross over. Meanwhile, Melinda finds out that Dr. Devine is slowly losing his mind as said by his deceased wife, and that that was the cause of Hope's death. Melinda crosses over his deceased wife and at the end, Melinda and Jim find out that the person who died in the ambulance was just released from prison for attempted murder, and fail to realize that his ghost is watching them.

The building's roof resembles that of a gingerbread house; indeed, the building's exterior and interior design are bakery-themed. The two upper stories look like stacked cupcakes and are topped with candle-shaped lights. In Party of One, Pinkie and her friends have a party in the upper floor, which has been decked out with streamers, balloons, confetti, and party decor. The front room on the ground floor is the store area for customers. The bakery's kitchen is in the back of the shop, as seen in Applebuck Season when Applejack is helping Pinkie Pie bake cupcakes. The building's chimneys look like purple rock-candy pillars, and a sign with a picture of a cupcake hangs from one corner of the building.

In Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike approaches this shop for a quill and points out that the store only sells two things: quills and sofas. The proprietor, Davenport, tells him that he will not have any more quills in stock until Monday, and asks if he wants a sofa instead. At the beginning of the episode Magical Mystery Cure, when Twilight is singing Morning in Ponyville, she passes by a stallion who just bought a sofa and sings, "There's the sofa clerk selling some quills!" Davenport says, "Morning, kid!" The store appears again in Castle Sweet Castle and sells beds and bedding supplies in addition to quills and sofas. The store and Davenport appear again in It Isn't the Mane Thing About You when Rarity is looking for a new sofa for her photo shoot with Photo Finish.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders visit the hardware store in The Show Stoppers to buy supplies for the talent show. It later appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #9 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #10, after the Crusaders have blown it up with some fireworks; here, it is named Hay's Hardware, identified as being Lugnut's, and specified to have the address of 15 Gandolfini Lane.

First seen in Hearts and Hooves Day when Apple Bloom takes Big McIntosh to select a ring for his marriage with Cheerilee, then in Ponyville Confidential where the Cake family are shown shopping in there, later in All Bottled Up, and later still in My Little Pony Best Gift Ever. In Ponyville Confidential, the store occupies the same building as the joke shop. In Hearts and Hooves Day and All Bottled Up, the store is respectively staffed by "Karat" and "Clarity Cut", who look similar to each other.

In My Little Pony Micro-Series Issue #3, a deal that Flax Seed and Wheat Grass made with Flim and Flam has Flax and Wheat's non-Ponyville land slated to be sold for Filthy Rich to build a new Barnyard Bargains megastore, but Rarity helps Flax and Wheat gain enough business to pay Flim and Flam by the end of the month instead.

"In addition to the 1,200 flea market spaces with more than 800 vendors, the Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market offers an inside marketplace with a variety of shops. For those shoppers who visit the Hartville Flea Market every year, will be delighted with the renovations that have been going on inside the Marketplace building. The south end of the building has been revamped to resemble a street with different facades for each of the specialty stores."

She works at this store during the episode Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction. While she was working here, she managed to convince Dez to buy the magical typewriter. Since her job working here was only for the short story that Dez wrote, it is possible that she may have never worked at this place.

Trish was hired at this store in Zaliens & Cloud Watchers. The suit she has to wear is made out of actual cheese, even her underwear. According to Ally, it is a high-class cheese shop that is much better than Cheese Just Okay. 041b061a72


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