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Coaches and mentors for each startup

Redesign the way you support your entrepreneurs by implementing a methodology that allows you to track every step along the business journey.

Our software allows you:

Agile support methodology

Homologize the incubation and/or acceleration processes of the institution under an agile, flexible and quantitative methodology that allows you to generate an impact on startups/SMEs regardless of the assigned advisor.

Customization of the software

We offer 4 work areas with their respective skills, but you can: Change, Add, Remove, Modify, Join the areas of interest for your institution as well as the skills you want to measure.

Real time analysis

Keep track of the work of the different advisors or mentors in real time, as well as the Action Plans, Schedules and KPIs of each startup or SME in your portfolio.


For incubators and accelerators, the generation of reports of each program for the generation of reports is paramount.

Download automatically, with up-to-date information on the status of your companies, level of maturity, progress in the program, job creation, sales growth, investment acquisition or other statistics that you want to measure.

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