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Adrian Watson

Atc Around The World Acapella

Our acapellas come as mp3 & some in WAV, they are perfect for using in the studio, we work hard to collect as many studio quality acapellas & isolated vocals as we can! our samples are used by studio professionals all over the world including sound engineers, sound designers, students in music production and sound engineering schools and classes, bedroom producers, world famous DJ's and many more.

Atc Around The World Acapella


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The acapellas, vocal samples and rapping listed here may be used in your projects but the original artist who uploaded them retain certain rights. Please check the detail of each acapella, vocal sample or rap to see exactly how they may be used. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Acapellas are NOT offered here in the same way as loops are so be sure you fully understand the terms of use.

Description : One of my artists Ash (aka AED) released his first track entitled "Classic". I know how amazing the talent on looperman is, and the worldwide influence music has on all of us. So I want to suprise AED with some of you guys remixes an show him how truly awesome music is even around the world. If you craft a remix we'd love to hear your creations. please email them to myself at //= 0; i=i-1) ') document.write("&#"+unescape(l[i].substring(1))+";");else document.write(unescape(l[i]));//]]> and AED as well at //= 0; i=i-1) if (l[i].substring(0, 1) === '//]]>. Thanks in advance world.

Fair warning that this song is NSFW in its original version, so don't play it out loud. The salacious song took off though, and it needed to be heavily edited for radio and TV. Khia was even surprised by the song's success, telling MTV at the time, "I guess the world is just nasty and freaky like that. It's not even my favorite song, and I was kind of surprised that's the song that everybody jumped on."

I just hate to see TRULY deserving headphones get passed over because they don't have the same "prestige" as Bowers&Wilkins or the like, nor the brand recognition of Sennheiser (who are, by the way, on track to becoming the BOSE of the headphone world.... I'll give them 5 years). I challenge anyone to spend 20hrs with a pair of Grado SR325's (NOT the SR325i's, but the original Mahogany ones), the RS1i's/RS2i's, the PS1000's, or even the SR225's (again, NOT the SR225i's), a strong headphone amp (everyone has their favorites, but I find that these do best with a good amount of overhead), and the best source material you can get, ideally a very high-end system with DVD-Audio quality sound or better (don't even think about any kind of lossy compression, because you WILL hear every "off" sound). Heck, I get fantastic results with simply plugging any of the aforementioned 'cans directly into the headphone port on my HTOmega Claro Halo XT sound card in my very high end workstation/overclocking rig (who says you can't mix business and pleasure??)...I will admit that every pair of Grado's that I've owned has needed some break-in time, with as little as 40 hours for some SR80i's to 120hrs for the SR225/SR325 cans to really shine (RS1i's = 75-80hrs, RS2i's = 70-75hrs, PS1000's = 90hrs), but I do my "break-in" a bit differently than most: I set up everything through my computer, including DAC/amp/etc running off an M-Audio card, and I have a specific playlist I use for breaking them in that consists of 125-175x 3:30 to 11:15 long Audio Tracks (full, uncompressed recordings and masters; the 125 songs take up about 3.7GB of space! yes, about 30MB per track, at 192Khz/48bit "RAW") of varying types/genres set in "loop" for the first playthrough and then "looping random" after that, and the volume automatically adjusts based on elapsed time. For those who wonder, I use: Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, OK GO, Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Florence & the Machine, Grateful Dead, Incubus, Jay-Z, Jose Gonzalez, Pete Yorn, (recently added) Trent Reznor & Karen O's "Immigrant Song" cover from Girl w Dragon Tattoo, K'Naan, Manfred Mann, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Metallica ("One"), Norman Greenbaum, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Scala ("Blower's Daughter"), Shwayze, Sufjan Stevens, RUSH, Tegan&Sara, Tom Petty, The Roots, Them Crooked Vultures, and a bunch more; as you can see, it's a mix of male and female vocalists, every instrument under the sun, all types of music, and so forth (quite eclectic). BUT IT WORKS!I PROMISE YOU that if you properly break-in any pair of Grado's, they will become one of your favorite listening headphones, if not your number one. Having tried everything from the bird-poop-looking iPod iEarbuds (kill me please) to most of the consumer-level stuff (Sony MDR's are Amazing for the price, Beats by Dre are absolute junk and I've left stuff in the porcelain chamber with more musicality than that overpriced BS), to headphones that cost more than many peoples' cars and proclaim to be "hand-assembled by a team of naked supermodels over the course of 123 days with all work done only under a half-crescent moon while Mars and Jupiter align, emparting magical sonic characteristics into the hand-carved African rare wood covers and plated with Rhinocerous poop, well known for its excellent bass enhancement"... Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not THAT much. YET I KEEP COMING BACK TO THE GRADO'S!!!

Acapella Violon MK VI speakers are a consequent further development of Acapella Violon 1 and in contrast to the original, the Violon MK VI is a closed 3 way-system. They can be driven by amplifiers with as little as 25W in power allowing them to be used with solid state or valve amplification.In addition, these speakers can optionally be supplemented with a 25 cm bass device (suboctave), which itself is hidden in the enlarged total volume. Both bass devices are dynamically adapted to the high-speed of the mid-range and treble horn. Our ion treble speakers actually are the fastest treble transmission system throughout the world. As it works without mobile mass its high-end frequency amplification cut-off only depends on the limitations set by the sellers.The ion tweeter speaker is designed for frequencies up to about 40 kHz. This extraordinary width of the frequency band makes it possible to play out every kind of music precisely. The exact modulation of the upper harmonic waves can be noticed even in the deepest bass regions. This speaker can be used in each and every acoustic environment due to its adjusting possibilities that perfectly correspond to the ion tweeter speaker and mid-range horn.At the time of writing, in consideration of the fact this sum of money buys you a very good car indeed, consider for a moment the joy such an investment in listening these speakers will give you. Like a good car, music at home is one of life's real pleasures and can transport you to another place and time, creating a wide variety of emotions. In this respect, these speakers are priceless.

@AdamPandora I did as you asked and documented when an out of place track occurred. I was listening to my "Go **ahem** Yourself Radio" station today (1/19/23) around 3:30pm PST. An out of place song on the station played so I it thumbs down. The song was Between Twilight by Lindsey Sterling. It is one of my favorite songs on my instrumental station, but it is very out of place for the station I was listening to.


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