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Smartsound Files For Pinnacle Studio 9 |LINK|

If your claim did not come from one of the above companies, then still dispute the claim through your YouTube account. You can also submit the following information to : Your name, email address, the URL of the YouTube video, the name of the track(s), the composer and publisher of the track(s) (found on our website, or in the Info section of Sonicfire Pro), the 3rd Party company making the claim, and their contact info (usually supplied by YouTube in their notice). We will do our best to respond as promptly as possible to your request. To the extent additional partners become available we will add them to this page.

Smartsound files for Pinnacle Studio 9

The purpose of this update is to provide the latest release of Smartsound Quicktracks. In addition, the update offers compatibility with Vista, QuickTime 7, faster decompression of single track downloads, improved purchase process, compatibility between different partner applications and general bug fixes for older versions.

The installer will display all of your music files with a check mark next to their name. Any tracks not marked will be downloaded to the Music Files folder. After downloading and installing, you will need to restart your player for the new songs to be available for use. If you want to move files from the Music Files directory to another folder, you can easily do that using the Music folder in the preferences.

If you see an error about not finding the preset library, go to the Preferences menu and click on the Libraries tab. Select the Pinnacle Studio 9 library. Then click on the Refresh button. It will take a moment to load, so be patient.


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