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The Last Warrior (2001)

The true story of the legendary African warrior and his struggle to unite his people against the largest empire in the world. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

The Last Warrior (2001)

The Last Warrior is a space shooter is controlled from the cockpit of a scout ship - the last one in its squadron, following a particularly vicious alien attack; only a pair of frontal-mounted lasers and a finite amount of shield energy stand between the player and waves of relentless enemy fighters. As alien vessels zoom across the viewscreen, they must be hunted down using the lasers, before they get the chance to fight back.

The discussion for the best NBA team never gets old, with teams like the Bulls, Lakers, and Warriors being top contenders for the title. Some other notable mentions include the Spurs and Celtics. Nonetheless, the last decade belongs to Stephen Curry and the Dubs, winning 4-titles in 8-years.

Being the last team to 3-peat in two decades, the 2001 Lakers roster makes a strong contender for one of the best teams. Speaking of all-time teams in the NBA, the matchup between the 2017 Warriors and 2001 Lakers makes for an interesting topic of discussion.

In the last 10 years, the scientific community and the media have highlighted the depletion of atmospheric ozone and the subsequent increase in ultraviolet radiation (UVR) that penetrates to the earth's surface. This UVR is associated with problems such as sunburn, photoaging, cataracts, and skin cancer. In the United States, skin cancer is among the top three reported cancers, and its incidence is increasing rapidly. Physicians agree that human exposure to UVR should be controlled by protecting the skin or limiting its exposure to UVR. As military physicians, our mission is to protect the fighting force and educate the command on the best possible course of action to accomplish this mission. In this paper, I quantitatively demonstrate that wearing the inventoried sun, woodland, type III cover is a far superior course of action when a commander desires a UVR counter measure for the fighting force.

The Congressional Wounded Warrior Fellowship program is limited to veterans who have served on active duty since September 11, 2001, with less than 20 years of service and a minimum 30% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). To apply, please submit a resume, a copy of the last issued DD214 (page 4) and a letter from the VA indicating a 30% or greater rating (not necessary if medically retired) to Please do not send resumes directly to the Office of Congressman Sanford D. Bishop.

A gene from a jellyfish is placed in a potato plant, making it light up whenever it needs watering. Rice plants are genetically transformed to produce vitamin A, preventing millions of African children from going blind. Plants are modified to produce plastic or pharmaceuticals. These are just a few of the touted benefits of genetically modified agriculture - the use of genetic engineering to alter crops for the benefit of mankind. But while proponents say this new technology has the potential to end world hunger and dramatically improve the quality of life of billions of people, others argue it constitutes the biggest threat to humanity since nuclear energy. Dubbing such genetically altered products "Frankenfoods," critics argue that the technology has been rushed to market. Scientists, they claim, are tampering with nature, risking potentially catastrophic and irreversible ecological disaster. The controversy has led Europe to ban the planting of genetically modified crops and to demand that all existing "GM" products be labeled. Will America follow suit? This FRONTLINE/NOVA special report examines the growing controversy over genetically modified foods.

Designed to facilitate the free exchange of ideas, the Internet has become home to confidential-even classified-information from virtually every nation in the world. Financial information, national infrastructure, even state secrets can be accessed via the complex computer network that is the World Wide Web. But how safe is that information if computer-literate teenagers can break into top-security computer systems, infect them with viruses, or steal sensitive-even dangerous-documents? FRONTLINE investigates the role of hackers and reveals how their exploits highlight the profound insecurities of the Internet and the software that drives it. Through interviews with teenagers, information warriors, security experts, and law enforcement officials, FRONTLINE illuminates a virtual world where many of our most sacred beliefs-including the very notion of bordered nations-are called into question.

Those teams ended up as the last four standing in the 2017-18 season, with both conference finals going seven games. Golden State and Cleveland won Game 7s on the road before the Warriors swept the Cavaliers for their second straight title.

The matchups this time in the doubleheader Tuesday night on TNT feature the Celtics hosting Philadelphia, and the Warriors welcoming Oklahoma City. Golden State remains the team to beat and the Celtics are a good bet to inherit that role in the East with LeBron James gone, so it's very possible a couple teams playing on the first night of the season will also be playing on the last.

OFFSEASON OVERSHADOWING?: Perhaps the Warriors' dominance makes it feel like a foregone conclusion, but there's already so much talk about the summer of 2019 free agency, when players such as Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving could be available, that it already threatens to overshadow the games themselves. Even Golden State isn't immune, with Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson able to become free agents and sparking talk that this could be the Warriors' last run.

WHO WINS?: After a record four years of the same NBA Finals matchup with Golden State and Cleveland, the NBA seems headed for something new. The Warriors remain the class of the league, but Boston matches up with them better than the Cavaliers did, even with James. So Golden State should win a third straight title, but not without a much tougher fight than the last couple of seasons.

There are several kinds of War movies. Some most interested in the romance (I do not know why but there are a lot of them) using the war as a background and others only in the facts and history.MUSA or THE PRINCESS WARRIOR is probably in between. Because this war and almost everything that happens here is related to an unfinished love story between three characters (if you think is stupid, remember Homer's ILIADA and the reason of the Trojan War).About seven centuries ago, Chinese got divided and a diplomatic mission from the Koryo kingdom (protected by small group of soldiers), try to make peace with the Ming dynasty. The Ming's army refuses to accept the ambassadors and escort the whole group out of the country. In the dessert, Mongolian's forces attack and kill the Ming's soldiers releasing the Koryo people in the dessert. An ambitious, very tough (and young) Koryo general, tries to lead his people back to his country, until they found a Mongolian group carrying a Ming's princess prisoner. Engaged by the woman's beauty, he decides to rescue her, justifying his actions as a political opportunity.Meanwhile, an ex-slave (released by the noble Ambassador before dying in the dessert), itself a great but silent warrior, gets involved in the rescue and after showing his courage and ability in combat, is forced to protect the Princess, creating obvious jealousy on the young general.Mongolian's of course, will not accept being defeated, so they run after the small group, to recover the princess.What happens after (the movie is more than two and a half hours long but never boring) is somehow predictably; however this is a Korean movie, so do not expect the silly and forced happy ending. What make the movie worth (a 10 / 10) is the way things are told, the beauty of the images and the poetry surrounding the story.This movie war movie, but is not glorifying war, but the honor of people fighting for their countries. This is a love story, but a real one, were words are unnecessary and everything that happens is inside every character, but just looking at their eyes, we know what exactly are their feelings.Halfway through the film, we realize that the line between bad and good guys is not really clear. That the real enemy is sometimes on the same side.There are a lot of small characters, and everyone gets enough screen time, to make us care about them; sometimes even more than the main characters.A special mention deserves the numerous war scenes. Using a slow motion, first person shots, quick editing and almost every camera trick you could imagine, you will feel in the middle of the battlefield (and a very scary one ). The blood and violence are much more realistic, than BLACK HAWK DOWN or WHEN WE WERE SOLDIERS, and the impression created is more than those two plus any other recent war related.In brief; as far as I know this movie did not get a cinema release, but you can find it in EBAY or in some special video stores. DO NOT MISS IT; is probably the best movie of the year.

I do like a good historical epic and it's a truth that nobody makes them quite like they do in Asia. Over the past decade, the genre has flourished since the success of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, and while I don't like that particular film very much, I've absolutely adored some of the others that have followed. These titles include HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS and CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER. As a viewer, I'm always drawn slightly away from the wuxia genre (I'm no big fan of the wire work you see in these movies) in favour of the grittier, more realistic genre films like THE WARLORDS. MUSA is such a film, a Korean epic that focuses on realism and crucial believability throughout.In essence it's a familiar story about a group of highly skilled and diverse warriors attempting to protect a princess while battling an evil general and his small army on their tale. Some say it's like Kurosawa, with the superficial similarities to SEVEN SAMURAI on show. I disagree. MUSA is a firmly modern, action-focused epic which is all about the battles and the swordplay, and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken. The good news is that these scenes are tremendous, veering on the right side in terms of the editing, which is fast but allows you to actually see what's going on. The battle choreography is stupendous and there's all manner of fighting involved. There's a particular emphasis on cool weaponry (high-powered bows, a massive spear) and also on the wounds inflicted by these cruel weapons. This ain't PG-fare; it's one of the bloodiest historical epics out there and I'm still trying to figure out how they achieved the brilliant arrow-in-the-neck special effects.It's a rare film that succeeds through action alone, but there's far more to MUSA than just that. The simple journey storyline allows for plenty of character arcs and development, and it's refreshing to see a film where characters aren't as clear cut as you might expect. People make mistakes and people die because of those mistakes, but these flawed characters are all the more gripping because of that. My favourite is a case in point: Joo Jin-mo's general, who's a truly noble good guy despite the errors of judgement he sometimes makes. The rest of the cast don't disappoint either, and Zhang Ziyi is particularly good in a role that allows her to take a break from the martial arts for once.There are three main backdrops to the unfolding story, and each of them seems fresh and unique. The first is a shifting desert landscape, the second an extensive woodland, and the third a ruined castle on the coast. There's a particular emphasis on the visual scenes and the costumes look stunning. Despite a long running time, this is engaging throughout, building up to a classic climax in which many of the good guys die bloodily and heroically. As a film, MUSA blows SEVEN SWORDS clean out of the water. 041b061a72


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