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The Loneliest Boy In The World ( 2022 ) _BEST_

Oliver (Max Harwood) isn't just socially awkward. He grew up in total isolation, protected from the world by his mother (Carol Anne Watts), who barely allows him to leave their house (the exterior of which is conventional, the interior of which is cupcake-frosting-pink, from floor to ceiling). Disaster ensues when Oliver's mom dies in a gruesome accident, leaving Oliver's fate in the hands of a bitter over-it social worker (Ashley Benson) and an even more bitter and over-it psychologist (Evan Ross). They tell him that unless he makes a friend in the next week he will have to be sent to an asylum. Oliver is a naive boy, almost like Brendan Fraser emerging from the bomb shelter in "Blast from the Past." He sets out to make a friend. He talks with Chloe (Tallulah Haddon), a new girl in town, but freaks her out with his life story. He visits his mother's grave and reports to her on what's going on on her favorite soap opera. He watches "Alf" every night.

The Loneliest Boy in the World ( 2022 )

Delivered with charm and confidence by director Martin Owen, this is a pretty wild ride that draws from horror-comedy classics but manages to forge its own weird world. Admittedly an acquired taste, The Loneliest Boy in the World should please fans of the likes of An American Werewolf in London, Swiss Army Man, or Life After Beth.

A sweet, wholesome, endearing modern fairy tale filled with quirky characters. You can tell from the start that it's going to be more a silly teen dramedy with shades of horror. It starts off with sort of sitcom feel to it but with strange occurrences creating an otherworldly feel which is enough to pull me in. The effort put into the overall aesthetic and the characters' make up are admirable. Perhaps, it runs a bit too long for the material it has, I did think it could have ended sooner. Overall, an okay watch.

Well Go USA and Director Martin Owen horror/comedy The Loneliest Boy in the World (2022) releases October 14th in select theaters and on demand and digital October 18th. It stars Max Harwood, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Susan Wokoma, Evan Ross, Ben Miller, Ashley Benson, and Jacob Sartorious. 041b061a72


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