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➢ Quantitative measurement of startups and/or SMEs.

➢ Diagnosis in time: initial, intermediate and final.

➢ Flexibility to create new polygons and new competencies. 

➢ Monitoring logs. 

➢ Personal action plan for each competition.

➢ Schedule of activities for each competition. 

➢ Generation and monitoring of KPIs. 

➢ Real time reporting.

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Let's imagine an Incubator that handles 50 projects simultaneously, plus the incubator has 5 coaches and 5 mentors to support these projects.

Each program lasts about 8 months and as Coordinator you must submit progress reports every 3 months.The information is handled by each advisor separately and you depend on them sending you the processed and updated data to generate the report.

Inevitable Chaos!


With our reporting module you can select those indicators that you need to measure and report.

Download the information of each startup in real time.

Define control criteria and take action throughout the monitoring program.

In addition to creating your own reports in real time, without depending on third parties, achieving savings: time, effort and money!

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