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Learn How To Make Money Via Ebay With This Cheap Online Course

There's a risk you could lose money doing this if you're unfamiliar with how much a particular product sells for on eBay, so we'd definitely recommend doing some research first. Our guide to upselling is a good place to start.

Learn how to make money via ebay with this cheap online course

We'd recommend either going for something simple and professional, like a variant of your name, or a name that's relevant to the kind of things you plan to be selling (this might make you easier to find in eBay searches too).Research eBay's feesBefore you start making money on eBay, you first need to work out exactly how much an item is worth and how much it's going to cost you to sell it. Obviously, you want to make a decent profit, but there are some additional costs applied when selling on eBay that you need to be aware of.

  • For example, the start of October would be the perfect time to start listing any fancy dress items you have as people start searching for their Halloween party outfits online.

Write convincing product descriptionsNow for the hard part: writing the descriptions that will sell your product. It's crucial that you take your time over this, as a good description can make or break a deal.

  • Important: Due to EU & UK Payments regulatory requirements, an additional security verification via Digital Signatures is required for certain API calls that are made by EU/UK sellers. Please refer to Digital Signatures for APIs to learn more on the impacted APIs and the process to create signature to be included in the HTTP payload.

Starting September 1, 2022, all calls to over HTTP will fail. Please make sure your application is migrated to use HTTPS & TLS 1.2 or higher.

Ever since companies started making money online, I was intrigued. I graduated from high school in 1996, just when the internet was starting to come out of obscurity. At the time, I had no idea that learning how to make money selling books online would be one of my first interests.

Especially with the competition and fees that Amazon will charge, it's harder and harder to make much money on a book that costs you $1 to buy and you sell for $5. After you pay your packaging and shipping label and costs, there just isn't much profit left.

That's not figuring in the major money makers like the previous story. This is the profit margin on the average old book he may find at a flea market, an estate sale, underpriced online, or even the very occasional garage sale.

In other words, both of these methods of selling old books online are a great way to make some serious money if you know what you're doing. So is one method better than the other? Which one makes you the most money will depend on your particular circumstance.

Shane was kind enough to bring some of his 15 years of first hand knowledge on how to make money selling used books online to this post. He specialized mostly in first edition antique books and collectible older books.

If you tend to like to study things in-depth before jumping in, the ideas of learning to locate, identify, and buy used books before flipping them for a profit can be overwhelming. There's a LOT of information involved in becoming a book hound (slang for someone who does this, especially with antique or collectible first editions).

The problem with selling books this way, is that the margins are so low for the amount of time that it takes to find the books, creating the listing, respond to online customers, pack the books, and take them to the post office. I was probably making way less than minimum wage on my little bookselling business venture.

This post brought back a lot of old memories of ebay and Buying & Selling books is actually a lot of fun and if you are able to find a niche you can make money at it as well. Like anything, you need a good system.

Do I make money? Of course! I use a spreadsheet to determine what my costs are (except my time), add in the landed cost (purchase price plus delivery costs) and fees and compare that to average selling price. In my case, I can make an acceptable margin on a sale as low as $1.75! But I prefer to sell at $2.25, or even better when bidders start fighting over a rare item.

The reason turkey's at Costco are so cheap/are at the back of the store is because they get people to shop for more items on the way back, and they buy the turkey. Costco looses millions of dollar's a year doing this, but they make up for profits on other high priced items.

It really depends on what the item is. If it is a media item or something that can go into an envelope with a stamp is about the only way someone could make anything. Your glue listing is not worth even listing. If I where you I would stay away from such cheap listings.

Related: If you are interested in learning how to sell online, click here to take my FREE 6 day mini course. I will walk you through the process of finding a product to sell and how to make your first sales online.

Related: If you are interested in learning how to start your own online store, click here to take my FREE 6 day mini course. I will walk you through the process of finding a product to sell and how to make your first sales online.

I completely agree. Ive made a living on eBay and its really not hard IF you have the right inventory source that also drop ships. I found an amazing blog on how to make money one ebay. It gives you a free step by step guide. Since i started using these steps ive been making a little over $2000 a month. Heres the link if youre interested (:

Thanks for the heads up. I am planning on selling some items on ebay for the first time and eventually I would like to open up my own online shopping store. Hopefully, I can get some pointers from this site ( ) on how to start.

I totally agree with what you have said! Ebay spends millions for people to have a place to come and make a business? I understand that it cuts into your margins but think of it this way, you are paying to use the site..yes it sucks, but the amount of traffic that comes to eBay is enormous compared to what any normal website could offer. This means more sales, more money, and inevitably more fees to be paid, however you are doing business.

I totally agree with you. If you think its easy to design or make a website with a free shopping cart, set up your own shipping & payment system, than get tones of free traffic, Do SEO and than make money, Your are lost in space!!! I use to spend over $1000 a month on Adwords, Do tones of social networking, promote locally & after all of that I barley made a profit on my website, after 6 years of doing this I started using ebay & my sales went up %200 in weeks & save $700 a month on my overhead.

Yeah 11% on every sale they are billionaires while we scrap up a bit of pocket money for doing all the work, we just use there program. Maybe we should pay photoshop 11% everytime we make our image with text and Cannon 11% everytime we take a photo on there camers and every other thing we use to make an add your a moron they WAY to greedy for what they actually do.

I had an ebay business which I closed in 2010 after 5 years of trading. Starting from next to nothing, selling just a few second hand items, the business expanded continuously at a rapid rate and in the end with all the ebay fee hikes and changes of rules which cost us more and more we were forced to close. I worked full time, my wife part time, nobody else employed. We turned over 150,000 in our best year, before the recession hit, and ended up paying ebay 22,000 in fees. The governments of the world do not seem to be able to control this blatant abuse of companies who destroy the chances of many budding businesses. We were lucky because we were able to establish from scratch what has now become a successful business costing only a fraction of the massive amount of fees paid to ebay over the years. These companies do not care if you leave them because they know that you will be replaced by the droves of new businesses joining up. This is because they make it so easy to start a business with them. At no initial cost you can be trading within an hour of inception.

What i think is that we all should join and create our own website, since you and anyone else can do this, start learning programming, get some money to start your own servers ,pay some websites for advertising your own website , earn only from advertisement while selling and offering open shops for everyone that wants. The problem is who is that guy that wants to give a investment in this idea!?

ebay is greedy with their fucking auctions with fucking rare items and I Always have fucking problems with PayPal and I hate fucking ebay and PayPal with their fucking feedback pls do not remove this post I had fucking much problems trough ebay and PayPal with paying the bills that were really needed so once I have my collection complete I never come back to ebay again thats why I swear because ebay IS greedy!!!and everyone needs to know the truth

All for profit corporations are always greedy. Survival for a corporation is making lots of money. Sellers on eBay are also greedy. They feed off each other. eBay provides the customers, sellers provide the product. This is a perfectly greedy relationship. So all this talk about greed is ridiculous. The cost of starting and building your own web store is expensive and time consuming. If you have the funds and time, by all means, I wish you well with your venture. But for the majority of people who want to start making money right away, you need to use an established store front that already has the traffic. Yes eBay has fees up the yazoo, But a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Operating your own web store with you own URL is not cheap/free or even affordable. When it comes down to it, you have to pay a lot of money for your own website and your own URL. I have done it and it was about $5000 just to get it up and running, and then monthly fees around $25-$40 minimum in subscription costs.


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